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At Cleansefellows deep cleaning is our business.  We provide vacant property market prep/move out cleaning services for tenants and home owners in the greater Seattle area.  Our portable carpet shampooers and deep cleaning treatments give us a competitive edge above other move out cleaning services in the area.  

Cleansefellows can handle any move out cleaning project.  Tough shower grout and glass doors, moldy areas in the window sills, pet odor, heavy oven debris, nor grimy ceramic stove tops are a problem for our cleaning specialist.  In fact, we specialize in restoring properties to "like new" conditions. Want to get as much of your deposit back as possible or increase your asking price on the real estate market? Let us take care of your move out cleaning needs.


Phil E.

Move Out Cleaning

"Such a perfect service. They came as promised and actually exceeded our expectations. Our landlord was thrilled with the job they did and it made our move out seemless."

Corrine M.

Deep Cleaning

"Very professional, reliable, and thorough! I had them clean my house to get it ready to sell, and it did sell right away for over my asking price, so I know they didn't miss anything important!"

Mike W.

Move Out Cleaning

"Amazing job! They asked for a copy of our landlords move-out checklist, and focused on all their requirements. We were so busy packing that we didn't have time to deep-clean anything, and I can honestly say we would not be getting our security deposit back if it weren't for such an amazing cleaning job!"

Community Trust

We're not a traditional cleaning company, as our focus is on move out and market prep deep cleanings only. This focus however, makes us exceptional at what we do and means we have an extremely well trained "eye" as to how to get you a "go" on your inspection and a "increase" on the value of your property.  Customer satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide a community service we are proud to label with our company brand.

Cleansefellows is committed to providing high-quality deep cleaning services at a competitive price to the greater Seattle area. Our employees believe community trust is an asset more valuable than money and work hard to earn your trust with every job completed.  You can depend on us to be committed to your cleaning project, provide top-notch, detailed work and you’re not required to stay on the job site to “babysit.” You can trust us to take care of your deep cleaning needs.