Move Out Cleanings, Inc.

Patios/Outside or Garage Laundry Rooms
Cleaning patios and outside laundry rooms are not included as a regular part of a Cleansefellows quotes. We can clean mold free patios/garages (with the presence of mold we can't use our equipment to clean mold/mildew), but there is an extra charge.

To reschedule an appointment we require final payment to hold a new cleaning slot.  Missing an appointment that has been rescheduled twice forfeits full payment of services. Please keep in mind if you cancel twice we have lost payment for two cleaning slots.

We do a basic vacuum and mop of floors.  If you need your floors polished, waxed, etc., you would need to contact a Vendor specializing in floors.

Final payment is due when the cleaning specialist arrives at the job site.  We use electronic invoices that allow you to pay on-line with a debit/credit card.  Credit card payments only.

Items Left Behind
We are not responsible for personal items
left at the property after you have moved out.
When we arrive for a move-out cleaning all
items left in drawers, closets, etc. are considered trash and thrown away.

Extra Charges
At Cleansefellows our employees are paid by the hour to comply with local, state, and federal labor requirements.  If it takes longer to clean your property because of excessive dirt, we must charge you so we can pay our employees for the extra time worked.

We do not professionally clean blinds.  Your move out cleaning session does not include blind cleaning.  Blind cleaning approved by a manager will require extra time and additional charges. There are several companies in the area that specialize in cleaning blinds.


A Squatter is defined as a person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited building or unused land. Cleansefellows is not responsible for removing squatters from your property, and if illegal activity is occurring on the property we reserve the right to cancel the job and hold the deposit due to unsafe conditions.

Same Day Cancellation
Please provide at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your cleaning appointment and we will return your deposit.  Less than 48 hour notice forfeits your deposit. There is a $50.00 charge to reschedule an appointment on the same day.  The funds are given directly to the technician for their lost of salary for the day.

Excessive Dirt Charges
Immediately upon arrival at your property we will do a walk-through. If we encounter areas of the property that will take longer than normal clean or extra supplies and will incur extra charges, we let you know right away and respect your decision as whether to clean or not. Please see the following example pictures: click here.

Same Day Cleanings Emergency Cleanings

If we have the staff available we have no problem helping with short notice projects.  The pay rate for these projects are time and a half.

Rental Deposit
We can not provide a guarantee you will receive your complete deposit returned from your Landlord after a move-out cleaning session.

Colored/Tinted Bathtubs & Ovens
Please note removing excessive from colored or tinted tubs and ovens may cause damage to your property.

*We do not use heavy abrasive cleaners like acid, etc...therefore we cannot guarantee the removal of spots/dirt. We do our best, no guarantees on spot removal.
*Due to safety issues we are not able to lift heavy furniture, such as sofas to clean.
*Stove and refrigerators must be easily moved for us to pull back and clean under.
*Due to safety issues we do not clean ceilings.
*Due to health issues we are not able to clean rooms with mold.
*We can not clean patios with mold, and patios with no drain.
*Excess dirt or clutter may result in extra charges.

Tenants & Home Owners Only

Cleansefellows completes cleaning projects for tenants (move-outs) and home owners (move-outs/market-prep).  We do not provide commercial services (ie, landlords, property managers, contractors, painters, property flipping companies, agents) to prevent conflict of interest.  If you are a landlord, your tenant has moved and you've decided to sell the property , that would fall under the Landlord tenant category, not
the homeowners category.

On-line & Social Media Postings

Allowing someone into your home is a very intimate experience.  You have our word as business professionals you never have to worry about us posting any information on-line, in the press, or on social media that will result in anything less than a 4 star (or B) view of you and/or your family.  By paying a Cleansefellows invoice you also agree not to post any information on-line, in the press, or on social media that will result in anything less than a 4 star view of our company, without giving us a call/text/email for the opportunity to work with you to resolve the issue first.  Also keep in mind,  posting false statements of facts that harm the reputation of an individual or business, aren't protected under Constitutional Free Speech provisions.

Booking Deposit
We reserve the right to require a 50% deposit to book a cleaning session.  All Thumbtack customers require a 50% deposit to book a deep cleaning appointment.

Deposit Refunds Only
Please allow 3-30 business days for your deposit refund to process.  The deposit refund will either process through your credit card or via mail.  If we are required to leave your job site without completing the cleaning project (for reasons like making room for another contractor, etc.) we reserve the right to withhold items like the cost of transportation, any supplies used on site, labor cost for time worked, etc. from the deposit refund.

Holiday Cleanings
Absolutely, we're happy to help with cleaning projects on holidays. The pay rate for these projects are time and a half.

Video Monitors
All cleaning specialist wear a video monitor and tracking device on job sites for safety.  The video is kept on file for 30 days.

Mold Treatments
We are not mold specialist.  Our mold treatments are used in two capacities:
(1) As a first step in helping to identifying if mold is a problem issue....and/or
(2) Your property has been inspected by a mold specialist and you have been informed the problem is on the outer wall only and/or your mold is a problem you can clean yourself.

Multi-Vendor Projects

It is not a good practice to schedule different vendors on the same day (ie, painters, contractors, cleaners). This may cause extra charges due to extra time or
non-completion of your cleaning project.

We only dust the outside cover of vents.  We can not assist in cleaning your vent if the dust/dirt is inside the vent.

Company Phone Lines
All calls to and from Cleansefellows throughout the entire company and non perspective to branches are recorded for quality customer service and training purposes.  Please disconnect the call if you do not wish to be recorded.